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Article of the Month – April 2021

Our newest article of the month is summarized by Dr. Alison Kent – a recent publication in Journal of Pediatrics assessing the risk of AKI in neonates with late-onset sepsis. This matched retrospective cohort study evaluated AKI incidence and severity in neonates with sepsis (after 72 hours of life). Among 203 infants with culture proven sepsis, 20% developed AKI compared to 8% of controls. Notably, a number of neonates did not have their serum creatinine return to baseline which may place them at risk for future CKD. For more details, read the full summary here and the excellent article.


Inside Pediatric Podcast – David Askenazi

Dr. David Askenazi recently appeared on the Inside Pediatrics podcast to talk about neonatal kidney disease, dialysis therapy advancements and care for children with complex kidney issues. Please take a listen HERE.

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